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A Decade of Wedding Planning Brilliance: The Noon Moon Events Journey

In the dazzling world of wedding planning, Noon Moon Events has undeniably shone as a bright star for over ten years. Their path is a tale of excellence, and it all comes down to their keen eye for detail and unwavering dedication.

Over the years, they've sprinkled their magic across various prestigious venues, orchestrating a wide range of event types. Be it a grand wedding celebration, a corporate extravaganza, or an intimate love-filled gathering, Noon Moon Events consistently delivers unique and heartwarming experiences that leave an enduring mark on their clients' hearts.

What truly distinguishes them is their relentless pursuit of perfection and an uncontainable passion for innovation. They're not just in the business of wedding planning; they're maestros of crafting unforgettable moments. With every wedding they curate, they bring a breath of creativity that ensures each celebration transforms into a cherished and exceptional memory for their clients.

The journey of Noon Moon Events is a clear testament to the fact that when you blend dedication, creativity, and meticulous attention, pure magic is born. Every wedding they plan becomes a canvas of beauty, painted with their passion, etching an everlasting impression in the hearts of their clients. This unique fusion of artistry and commitment solidifies Noon Moon Events as a trusted name in the realm of wedding planning.

Pastel Perfection

Step into a dreamy world of soft hues and timeless elegance

Welcome ITC Jodhpur

Sunset wedding

Mandap mixing well with the background

Double Tree by Hilton

Mehendi setting

A dreamy decor

The Chomu Palace

Pastel Mehendi

A Beautiful Mehendi Decor

Diggi Palace Jaipur

Flower swing

A Perfect Floral Swing

Mundota Fort

Mandap in Pastel

A Pastel Mandap

ITC Rajputana