Simran Bhatia

About Simran

Simran's story shows us that following our passions can lead to amazing places. Even though she studied electronics in college, she discovered her true love was creating beautiful weddings. This might sound surprising, but it turned out to be a perfect fit.

She joined forces with her dad, who ran a successful catering company, to do something special. They combined her smart thinking from her engineering days with her dad's cooking skills, becoming a great team for weddings.

The best part about her work is that she didn't just focus on the technical stuff like seating plans and lighting; she also had creative ideas. Simran believed in making each wedding a unique story that showed the couple's love and culture.

Her dedication to making a difference made her an outstanding wedding planner. She turned ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. Simran's journey from an electronics student to a wedding expert reminds us that doing what we love can lead us to wonderful places.

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